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Interior Design | Family Room Makeover | #14 Reality Show

Interior Design, Interior Decorating, Interior Design ideas. Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson meets up with Tim and Lauren in High Point North Carolina to shop one million square feet of showroom space at Furnitureland South. Tim and Lauren Oliphant race through the showrooms with Rebecca trying on every sofa and recliner known to man. With plans in hand, Rebecca guide this young couple through the daunting task of furnishing their great room without spending one dime of their own money. The Oliphant’s were able to find a gorgeous linen sofa, 2 wingback chairs, a Leather chair and ottoman, an octagon shaped ottoman, sofa table and several coordinating fabric pieces for custom made pillows. Back home, Lauren and Tim made their own window treatments, painted out the fireplace wall, framed photos and hung art pieces in anticipation of the furniture arrival.
Watch to see how Tim and Lauren’s great room turned out!

A special thank you to Jason and Jeff Harris, owners of Furnitureland South and to Patrick Farlow, our Design Consultant for making this young couples dream come true!

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The Gallery Living Room… Pizzazz or Complete Nightmare?

Is there anything right about this set up?

If you were to walk into this room,the first thing that will come to your mind is that it’s a gallery or an exhibition of sorts. We may not know the people who live here but just by the look of the set up,one cannot guess so hard that the the occupant is an introvert.

The artwork is way to big for a room that small and it appears to scream right at your face. The choice of color on the wall is also a no no considering the amount of light falling on it. With better lighting though and different sizes of the pictures, you would be amazed at the difference it would make.

Imagine replacing the white couch with green,doesn’t matter whether its plain,stripped or printed. Adding a piece of furniture with a nature color and moving it to face the wall may repair the damage caused by the white drab furniture. A centerpiece on a small table or stool would also be worth a try and it should be placed strategically between the two pictures.

Colored bottles, vases, seashells or anything you can get your hands on will give you a world of difference.

Try DIY projects as they are cheaper and can be changed and tweaked in minutes giving you total transformation. Have you seen how a rag can transform and make space appear cozy? a bright colored rug will take all the gloominess away.Another easy way to spruce up the couch is by placing a throw on it.

You can also try throw cushions in different sizes, colors, textures and fabric prints.

Based on the poor lighting in the room, a colored lamp stand may do a trick or two! Try it, u never know u may just love it!


A living Room That Takes a Minimalist’s Approach with the Décor or is it More Classic?

This living room takes a minimalist’s approach with the décor. If you live in an apartment, or you are working with a smaller space, you won’t want to clutter it with a ton of furniture and bright overwhelming colors. Your focus should be on simplicity. Walls that are painted a nice, neutral color won’t be distracting, especially in a space, like the living room, that is used so frequently. In this room, the decorator spiced up the neutral color theme by adding a crawling vine wall paper to one wall. The wall paper contrasts with the neutral paint on the wall above the fireplace and helps to make the fireplace area stand out as a focal point in the room. When you have a small space, seating options for your guests could be an issue. Here, the decorator placed two chairs in the corners near the fireplace, a good use of a small space. The small splashes of color in this room are points of interest and, like the wallpaper, give your guests some interesting focal points that stand out in the room. The painting above the fireplace consists of neutral colors as well, but also has a light pink that stands out against the rest of the neutral wall space. The decorator chose to use lime green and various blues to add a pop of color to the room. The matching pillows on both the furniture pieces tie the seats together and distract from the fact that they are mismatched. The lime green seating is the brightest piece in the room and the pillows really help it tie in with the rest of the space. In general, the whole space has a nice, clean, feminine feel. The space is not overwhelmingly feminine, but enough that you can see her personality in the pieces chosen for the room.

Small Rooms Apartment Can be Spruced Up with a Tight Design!

When I walked into your drawing room, my first reaction was that the room was a little too small. But even with its given area, you have done a wonderful work with the space and what caught my eye the most the was interesting color combination of the walls. The beige color on walls seems to compliment the wooden floor quite well. And the white edges around the bottom and windows simply made the color of your walls look a little more elegant.

The couch on the other hand seems to define your fine taste in home decor, however I still feel that you could have done a little better. Even though the color of your couch was in complete contrast with your room, the design was somewhat a little old fashioned. And I feel that a soft leather couch would have been a better choice.

From the fuzzy carpet in the middle of the room, it seems like you have put in a lot of effort behind it and your hard work really seems to pay off because it does an excellent job of enhancing the overall look of the room. The center table on top of the carpet also helps the room stand out a lot, because you were finely able to demonstrate that you don’t always need fancy decor to make your home look more beautiful. And this is quite impressive because a lot of people go out a hand and leg to choose overtly fancy center table’s, spoiling the overall look of the room. But it would have been better if you had put as much detail with the couch as you did with the carpet and center table.

The lamp stand, photographs on the wall and the decor on the side also play their part well in the room’s overall appearance, but it would have been a whole lot better if you had chosen paintings over random headshot’s of people.

Overall, you did an excellent job with the den and we truly feel that you have gone way beyond your capabilities with the home decor. But as per our opinion, you could have done a little bit more with the couch and photographs.

Retro or Modern? What are your thought’s?

At first glance when I take a look at the picture I see very good utilization of space by the use of in-built drawers. This has led to easy access to whatever you might want without having to rummage through things. The thing I don’t like about it though is that there seems to be a lot going on with the book, television set, and the little mementos here and there; maybe a separate cabinet would have been more suitable for putting some of the things.

The color though is proving to be so much of monotony and maybe you should have tried a different color instead of using too much white. I think a bright color would have been more appropriate especially for the couch so that the room can exude some warmth and easily put your visitors at ease. The colors kind of give the impression of seriousness that is actually good for an office but not a home. This is due to fact that a home should offer a relaxation aura that you need after a long tiring day.

Though it is widely believed black and white is a good combination, in this case it’s not a perfect match in this case. Above all this is a perfect ambience and a complete show of home decorating skills. A good first impression of the living room is what I get when I first see it and it shows great measures were taken to ensure that the look was flawless.

A good home environment is therefore determined by the colors you used and also the kind of furniture used and how it is arranged in the room whereby we see in the picture that it is perfectly placed. This shows that with a little thinking out of the box and not being afraid to go bold on the colors can actually achieve a very superb outcome.


Asian Inspired? Classy or Decadent?

Your house is a very important place where you spend most of your time. Therefore, it is important that you like how your house looks and the decor inside. You don’t want to live in a place where you won’t feel comfortable.

First of all, cleaning out the stuff that you don’t need is the most important part in improving your house. Cluttering up materials in your house is what makes your house seem smaller and less comfortable. You can clean out the stuff cluttering up a space by a yard sale, giving it to someone who would enjoy those materials or by donation. One of the best ways to de-clutter a house is to ask yourself what you use and what you don’t use. If you are keeping that item just because it’s pretty and you never use it, you should consider throwing that out. If you really can’t let go of something and you don’t want it to take up space, you can pack them in boxes and put them up in an attic or a storage room you specifically have for these items.

Second, another way to improve your house is to make sure the walls are nicely painted and there are no scratches or dirty areas. This would give a nicer appearance to your house. It would make your house look more polished and new. Scratches and scrapes are not appealing. Also, painting the walls white will give an appearance of a nicely-put-together house. If you are not too experienced, do not paint the walls a dark color. It might make your house look smaller and dimmer, unless you are going for that look. Try going with lighter neutral tones and avoid too bright colors with you are not too familiar with them.

Putting nice flowers that go with the color scheme of your house would make your house look very nice and give it a nice natural smell. In addition, add family photos around the house. It is your house so add some feeling of family and love into it.

Overall, it is important that you make your house how you would like it. By following these few tips above, you are off to a great start to making your house look fabulous!

Does your living room scream “living’”?

There are many ways people picture their homes or future homes. This article will address you who has always pictured their living room area. You might have imagined incorporating different colors, having a chimney breast or other sizzling ideas. This information will focus on the living room as shown above.

This is a nice and beautiful space. You may picture this as your first living room if you are a first time home owner. It screams comfort and is enough for a person living alone. The space is dying to be played around with. It would be a good move for you to think of ways to give this space life should this become your next home.

One thing many people want in their homes is vibrant colors. This living room does not have that. Those considering moving to this home may consider adding some spicy colors to this room. After all, this room is where all your guests will be going to first. Certain colors create a certain theme. The living room here is quite dull and could use a touch of color.

Another thing you may consider changing in this room is the lack of homeliness it has. A home should be an escape from the harsh outside world every day. Adding a warm quilt to this living room and lighting the fireplace can change the current state it is in. you may also consider putting up a few home accessories above the fireplace to highlight that area.

There is much that can be done to transform this room from the dull, lifeless structure it appears to be. With the right imagination, you can make this room the most envied living room by all your friends. Changing the carpet, adding different pieces of art could be a few ways to help you achieve the best living room imaginable.


Room Decorating Ideas – Do You Have Any Objections With…

Well and good, the way your living room appears says it all about your whole house.

We love to have the best when it comes to home décor and no objection about that.

The living room is nicely arranged though very brief. For example, you can see how there is no complexities in arrangement like the simple double set similar table. The sofa sets are enough for family of two to four members. The cotton carpet adds a rare beauty to the room because it is covering just a specific point between two similar 2-piece sofas set facing each other.

The entire living room is one sided and that is true because of the white color which may be good to some people but not appealing to “every color enthusiasts”. The two precisely placed lamps are worth an appreciation because you can also see how this depicts the designer knowledge in home décor matters.

The naked truth about this living space is that it is excellent beyond reasonable doubt.